Inspection Integration

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Inspection Integration

Inspection Integration

Check every vehicle, see every opportunity


Integrate Results

No manual input required


Alignment opportunities


tire results

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  • One alignment system per 50 cars inspected is typically required to support additional alignment opportunities
  • See current tax code. In many cases full purchase price of equipment is tax deductible
  • Concrete work required for QuickTread® component included in investment amount above.
  • Payback calculation: (Equipment Investment) / (Cars/day X Failure rate X acceptance rate X typical profit X 5.5 day/week X 4 wks/mo)

Automatic Tire Recommendations

Hunter Unmanned Inspection Equipment automatically captures:

  • Tire Tread
  • Wheel Size
  • VIN
  • Alignment

Dealer Tire Integration automatically provides:

  • Correct Tire Choices
  • Correct Pricing
  • In Stock
  • and More
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Dealer Tire OEM Alliances

All Partner Integrations

Hunter equipment integrates with leading industry partners to span the entire customer service experience, including virtually every major dealer management and shop management system. 

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Unmanned Inspection

Automatic Results

Check the most important alignment angles and edge-to-edge tire tread on every car that visits your shop, no stopping or labor is required. 

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