Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

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Heavy-Duty Tire Changers

Safe and fast tire changers for big tires

Whether your need is a fast and safe tire changer for semi-truck tires, or a tire machine that will change skidder tires, Hunter has a model to suit. The TCX625HD outpaces any tire changer for over-the-road truck tires with none of the fatigue and safety risk of bars and hammers. The TCX645HD can do all that, plus handle implement tires up to 90 inches in diameter.


Operator-friendly design

  • Low risk – No hammers, no bars, no lifting very heavy tires
  • Low service height – Easy to roll on and no fear of tire falling off during demounting
  • Optional ramps – Popular “plus” model includes ramps, carriage cover, and mounting bar

Superior wheel accomodation

  • Easy match mounting – Rotate tire on rim when needed for the smoothest ride
  • Specialty rim friendly – Standard hook can be used to mount and demount challenging tires and rims without fear of damage
  • Simple controls – Easy to use levers control all operations in a convenient and safe operator position
  • Versatile jaws – Secure small center holes, thick wide based allow wheels, centerless wheels, and much more

Powerful tools to assist

  • Fast and easy rollers – Most tires can be pushed on and off, no switching tools
  • Inner “drop roller” – Speeds service times, never a need to remove to make room
  • Hydraulic carriage – Maximum power and fast tool positioning

Fastest Tire Changer

  • 14.5″ – 24.5″ Rim diameter
  • 3.94″ Min rim hole diameter
  • 55″ Max tire diameter
  • 27″ Max width
  • 1,545 lbs max weight
  • 7 rpm CW & CCW
  • 208-230V, 1ph, 60Hz, 20A


Operator-Friendly Design

  • Mobile controller – Full access to controls when servicing the front or back of large assemblies.  (Wireless optional)
  • Low risk – Use powerful tools instead of bars and hammers.  No lifting of very heavy assemblies

Superior Wheel Accomodation

  • Versatile jaws – Clamp center holes as small as 3.94 in, or rims as large as 46″
  • Optional skidder clamp – Useful when servicing difficult skidder style double drop center wheels
  • Spring loaded hook / disc roller – Mount and demount the toughest tires with minimal risk of rim damage

Convenient Functions

  • Two speeds – Select high speed for bead loosening or easy assemblies.  Use low speed for the tough ones
  • Speed carriage quickly – Shuttle the carriage from front to rear of the rim
  • On-board storage – Keep standard and optional accessories organized

Truck Tires To Skidders

  • 14″ -46″ Rim diameter
  • 3.94″ min rim hole diameter
  • 90.5″ Max Diameter
  • 42″ Max width
  • 2,200 lbs. max weight
  • 10 & 5 rpm CW, CCW
  • 230V, 3ph, 60Hz, 26A

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